The Stranger is upon us creating havoc along I-20 in Alabama, by killing whoever he runs into. No one is safe from the stranger.

Scott is the Police chief and he quickly realizes that the killing along the I-20 is linked together and has a serial killer on the loose. But, what Scott doesn't know is how he is linked to the killer.

"Stranger" is a micro-fiction story that allows readers to enjoy following a story when they don't have much time. Each chapter is brief but providing an enticing hook to keep the reader interested. I will develop this, so to keep updated on this subscribe.

Chapter One - 14 September
Chapter Two - 15 September
Chapter Three - 22 September
Chapter Four - 22 September Afternoon
Chapter Five - 22 September Evening
Chapter Six - 23 September
Chapter Seven - 24 September
Chapter Eight - 24 September Evening
Chapter Nine - 25 September
Chapter Ten - 27 September
Chapter Eleven - 7 Years Later
Chapter Twelve - Suspicions
Chapter Thirteen - APB
Chapter Fourteen - Pursuit
Chapter Fifteen - The Phone Call
Chapter Sixteen -Blood Ties
Chapter Seventeen - Drunken Brawl
Chapter Eighteen - Porcelain Doll

Chapter Nineteen - Locked Door

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  1. This is getting good! Keep up the good work Jay!