Alone in My Kingdom

It's been over a year since the world has changed, and to Johnathan's opinion, it has changed forever, as a virus that appeared out of nowhere attacked the nervous system of entire human race. Spreading so quickly that every person went crazy and had no disregard for life. From what Johnathan knows that he was the last person on this lonely planet and he doesn't know why.

Good thing Johnathan was a conspiracy theorist and a resourceful survivalist as he will soon find out he needs to be.

Alone in My Kingdom is my second micro-fiction story that allows readers to enjoy following a story when they don't have much time. Each chapter is brief but providing an enticing hook to keep the reader interested. I will develop this story alone, so you should subscribe to catch the latest stories.

Chapter One - An Anniversary
Chapter Two - Investigation
Chapter Three - Human Torch
Chapter Four - Good Samaritan
Chapter Five - Panic Attack
Chapter Six - Window Licker
Chapter Seven - Home Base
Chapter Eight - Neighbors
Chapter Nine - Trapped in these Walls
Chapter Ten - Gun Slinger
Chapter Eleven - Chicken Bone
Chapter Twelve - Bleeding Out
Chapter Thirteen - Porch Sanctuary


  1. Intriguing J I love the short chapters as it does allow the reader to keep up with a suspenseful quick teadπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    1. Thanks Lynn that was the idea, kind of like a podcast!

  2. Love this series!