Sunday, November 17, 2019


Debating to call him, happened all day;
Trying to figure out what to say.

Sweaty palms, chores delayed;
Playing with her hair.

Ideas kept winding through her mind;
Catching herself touching the things denied.

Now the kids were down for their afternoon nap;
She crashed on the couch with her phone in her lap.

Dialling his number;
 She finally got the nerves to call.

When it rang she put it to her ear;
The anticipation was there, so was fear.

An answer was quick, and it was him;
It was too much for her when he said hello.

Without thinking she hung up the phone;
She blushed to what she was about to do.

I'm such a fool and no sooner uttering that;
Her phone rang in her hand.

It was him, the paramedic calling her;
Hello was the exchange here.

His deep soft range was calming;
Soothed her nerves and she began to smile.

As they continued she relaxed more;
Laughing at his jokes, listening intently.

Talking about family, friends, and work;
She was blushing and was feeling excited.

From his sexual innuendo and flirty ways;
Time slipped by to inattentive eyes.

It wasn't till the echoes of her crying baby;
She realized how much time slipped by; but

Before letting him go she did the unthinkable.
She asked him if he was free tonight.



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