Friday, September 07, 2018



Sean didn't know why he said yes. The woman that stood before asked if he was Christensen and introduced herself as Vanessa. She took his hand and led him into the back alley. 

It was bad enough that Sean came into a bad part of town, let alone coming to this sleazy joint they call Sassy's. Yet maybe because he felt frisky and looking at her legs that wouldn't quit, caused Sean to be lead so easily.

Sean wasn't stupid. He knew she was after his money, for whatever reason she needs the money because she was in a bad situation. The question was, what situation was Sean in?

She guided him with a smile to a questionable entrance to Sassy's, where she knocked and waited. A view hole was exposed and a husky man demanded a name. She bent over to simply answer "Christensen." and Sean got a glimpse of what he has been craving.

The slide closed and she stood back catching Sean staring at her ass, and he went red in the face. She stepped into him and he knew she could feel him stir, she smiled and whispered. "Come, don't get shy on me now honey." 

The door opened and the burly voice was matched with and large intimidating man and Vanessa escorted Sean inside. Sean gulped and avoided any contact with the bouncer. 

Inside Sean was immersed in black lighting and loud music but it was obvious they were heading backstage, where only the most underground shit happens.

Vanessa brought Sean into a room where there was a slew of people were indulging in cocaine and sexual favours.  All of a sudden a famous quote came into mind from Star Wars. Chewie I got a bad feeling about this!


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