Saturday, September 15, 2018



Scott trembled in fury and Jim sat there not sure what to say, as Jim saw this mood before and it wasn't pretty. Scott had a terrible temper when provoked So, the office was left in awkward silence. It allowed Scott to absorb the conversation with this deranged man, Trevor, who claims to be Scott's long-lost brother. Absurd, Jim thought as Scott never mentioned anything about any siblings. Mind you Scott never really had talked about his family at all.  it was a few moments of this till Jim couldn't take any more of it.

"So, now what?" Jim asked

"I don't know," Scott his hands on his desk. "The only thing I know is Jim, we are going to get this son of a bitch!"

"How are we going to get your broth..." Jim cut himself off knowing the next few words were not appropriate and Scott would deck him across the desk without thought. " Uhm, Scott let's get out of here, maybe grab a drink."

"Okay maybe you are right, but you're buying," Scott announced 

Hours passed and the two were intoxicated, shooting stories to lighten the mood. However, the more Scott drank the more obnoxious he got, to the point where he started to irritate the other customers in the bar.

"Jim!," Scott shouted as he stumbled backwards bumping into a gentleman for the third time. The gentleman turned and Jim could see that Scott had made the man spill his drink. Then he shoved Scott and Jim stood up right away knowing there was going to be a fight. Scott never backed down to anyone.

Scott swigged down his beer, sat down the empty bottle and swung his fist and hips around connecting the man's jaw. The man fell to the ground knocked out as he did not even try to catch himself from the fall. Jim was right behind Scott muckling on to him to prevent Scott from mounting the man and smashing his face in. Though in the struggle they both fell into a nearby table knocking everything over onto them.

"Scott it's me, we need to go," Jim shouted, trying to snap Scott 's fury, but Scott kick Jim in the face and somehow Scott got up. When Jim regained his bearings he saw that Scott was gone.


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