Saturday, August 25, 2018


"Not a fucking chance," Benjamin whispered under his breath pulling away when the nurse was trying to scrub him down in the oversized tub. He hated bath days as they always wanted to clean his junk.

"Mr. Torrent we have to clean you up." The white cloak witch named Dorothy stated. "It's my job"

"Witch get away from me," Benjamin muttered. The nurse backed off and called out for Sam. It was obvious that Benjamin preferred that Sam helped him out than anyone else, especially in the bath rituals. Benjamin was a dirty old man.

Later that day Benjamin was watching classic movies in the common area with a few other residents. Ones that would recapture our youth like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Space Balls. These were movies he remembered as a teenager.

Though having seen these numerous times while staying in this luxury prison, you get tired of them pretty quick unless you're simple-minded. Benjamin was never simple.


The grand halls of Greystone were a display of the Five Kingdoms history. The paintings and tapestries that were hung here were of the historical moments defining a timeline of ages. Benjamin had strolled these halls many times, yet every time he did was a moment of humbleness. How his duty over his long life has been fulfilling tracking and recording events throughout the Kingdoms.
Though this time his walk in these halls were with a heavy heart, as the health of The Tree was fading and the Keepers have come together to discuss Benjamin's failure.

He was entrusted with seeking the chosen one and Benjamin had found him. In a small fishing town off the cost of the Cold Sea barley a man of age but had the ability to harness the great ancient power that was thought to be lost. But with great power came great trouble and for the first time, saw the Dark Hand of The Dark Lord. Her presence only confirms that the Dark Lord had been poisoning the Five Kingdoms as suspected. He remembered battling The Dark Hand but her power was overwhelmed, Benjamin. He shook his head in disbelief to what happened next that night.

"Brother Benjamin." A familiar voice bellowed.

Benjamin turned to see his old and dear friend Samuel. He was dressed in fine dark blue robe trimmed leaf gold his body hunched over as age for even for a Keeper creped upon him.

"Sir Samuel it's nice to see you old friend." Benjamin hugged his weary friend. "The days of late have not been favourable to you, have they?"

"At my age, I'm glad to open my eyes each morning." He laughed. "How are you holding up brother Benjamin?" Pulling away gazing into Benjamin's eyes.

"I had him and then I lost him. Now the Dark Hand has taken him and even after hunting her trail for weeks I still have come empty-handed." Benjamin's head hung low in disbelief.

"Look brother Benjamin there is enough weight on either one of our shoulders. It is unfortunate that the chosen one has fallen to the Dark Hand." Samuel guided Benjamin down the Grand Hall. "My dear friend failure happens, it is what we do after that defines our lesson."

"I understand, it is still difficult even if knowing the lesson. What has the council decide on my fate?" Samuel remained silent for a moment then paused at painting.

The painting was from the third age Benjamin knew this as he had described the very same painting in his second book. The man in the painting was pulling on the purple daffodils that use grow in abundance in the lower plains. In the background was a crying woman and The Tree, while earth beneath him connected to the daffodils and The Tree through their roots.

"This painting Benjamin is the King of the North who picked all the daffodils for the love a woman. Causing the extinction of the flower, which was The Tree's first fractures of the Dark Lord's prison."

Benjamin looked at the painting and could see how Samuel got that interpretation. Benjamin, when he wrote about, had another meaning.

"Why are we staring at the painting Samuel?" Benjamin snipped

"The better question is why you ask why we are?" Samuel replied. Benjamin stood there looking at the painting, while Samuel continued on and went to announce Benjamin arrival.

Fuck! I hate when he does that.


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