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"What the fuck do you want?" Benjamin snapped at the man at the door.

"Hello to you too dad." The man walked into the room taking his coat off and setting it down on the back of a chair. "It's me Jim, your son."

Benjamin knew him as his son when he was in public school, but since then their relationship had drifted apart. He was a dink and so Benjamin refused to respond to his sarcastic comment.

Jim sighed in frustration as he wasn't sure if his father was ignoring him or did understand what he was saying. So he sat in the empty chair kiddy corner from Benjamin. "How have you been dad?" 

Oh here comes the list of questions he asks in awkwardness:

How are you?
How's the weather?
What have you been doing?
Did you eat?

Benjamin sat there thinking about how hungry he was. Breakfast was always important to him through his life as he never remembered not being famished. Especially in this prison as the white coats took their time in moving all the residents to the kitchen to feed them all. So when Jim came to the end of his list of awkwardness Benjamin forced a reply out of yes.

So in an amazement, Jim managed to assist his father and Benjamin allowed him so they could maneuver quicker down to the kitchen faster.

The only problem with having Jim helping Benjamin is that the both of them would continue to be in an awkward moment where the dead air of the community center would entice them to fill it.

So when Jim wheeled Benjamin in his designated eating spot, it didn't take long for the awkward silence to kick in. Benjamin didn't care but he knew that Jim wouldn't last long.


"So what am I going to do?" Johnthan asked across the table from Benjamin. His burly features waiting with anticipation. Benjamin looked at him blankly as he had no clue what he had asked. But knowing this man as one of the main characters in "The Stolen Kingdom's" saga he could only guess.

"Going to do..?" Benjamin trailed off purposely to see if John would repeat himself.

"With the Keepers? " The continued silence forced Johnthan to fill the void. "Do think your kind is the cause of the Tree's sickness?"

Benjamin realized what's going on now and what Johnthan was asking.

"Yes and no. The Keepers have been aware of the situation for a while and had contained the poison, but now it has come to the point where we can't anymore." He took a swig of ale and continued. " We have been on the search across the Five Kingdoms to find a solution to such a dire situation and now..." Benjamin paused for dramatic effect as any good writer would do, as he could see Johnthan clinging to every word he uttered.

"Now we may have found the only hope of saving the Tree and the Five Kingdoms and that is you Johnthan."

Benjamin was excited to see first hand the reaction of his character that came to love so much. It was a dream come true.


"Dad" Jim said trying to get his attention.

Benjamin looked up slightly from eating his cream of mushroom soup, to see his son's frustrated face sitting across from him.

"What? Why are you staring at me?" Benjamin slurred.

"I was talking to you." You can hear the anger in his voice "Did you hear anything that I said in the past five minutes?"

"Nope" Benjamin answer as he continued to eat his soup.


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