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"Sir!" Scott's secretary stormed into his office interrupting Scott and Jim's meeting.

"Wendy, what is it?" Scott looked at her with irritation and continued. "You knew that I was in a meeting."

Wendy went red in the face as she never liked to be in the spot of any attention. "I'm sorry sir, but there is someone on the phone for you." She had a nervous look on her face saying the next words. " I think its the guy you're looking for!"

Scott and Jim both snapped their heads towards Wendy. Jim spoke first. "How do you know that?" Jim continues to question "Did he tell you his name?"

Wendy blushed and shrugged her shoulders. " I don't know, it just felt wrong." She turned out the closing door behind her.

Jim looked at Scott who was pushing the speaker button. Scott looked at Jim and asked whoever it was. "Who is this?" Jim sat there soundless, listening. There were few moments of breathing that seemed to be rhythmic and calming as if trying lower anxiety. Whatever it was it seemed to be an eternity of anticipation.

"Hello who this?" Scott asked again with a hint of irritation.

"Oh, hello Scott, apologize I was a little nervous to finally introducing myself. I wanted it to be perfect, as the moment is special for me. You what I mean Scott? I course not you wouldn't know."

"Know what?" Scott interrupted

"Oh! See there I go again rambling. I get like that when I nervous. Yet, it's not too often that you run into your brother after years of separation, who are now trying to arrest you for something that his."


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