Wednesday, July 11, 2018



"What the fuck do you mean, brother!?" Scott demanded to the speaker, yet all he got had been chuckling, which only pissed off Scott even more. " Listen here you fucker, when I find you I'm going to beat the piss out of you!"

The laughter died down slowly and he continued to chat with Scott. "Sorry, where are my manners. you can call me Trevor and you need to control that. It's not my fault you haven't figured it out, brother, your intelligence must come from your father?"

"What!" Scott snapped but before he could continue Trevor interrupted before Scott could tell him off again. "Have you ever wondered about who your dad was? Well, let me save you the trouble. He was a lying, cheating man-whore who never deserved your mother or mine. Yet he managed to ruin two families and was working on a third that before I put an end to it."

Jim looked concerned as he saw Scott becoming emotional with each word the Trevor bombarded.

The next few minutes this conversation went on with Scott listening and stewing in anger. Trevor defiantly had an infatuation with Scott, but the details of the crime scenes were too accurate to not be the culprit. So, they listened and took notes.

The last straw was when Trevor when into the details of Paul and his wife's death and told Scott that the video that had so gruesomely documented their deaths and the kidnapping of Julie was his gift to him.

Scott picked up the receiver and yell. "I'm coming to get you!" before slamming it back down and throwing it against the wall.


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