Tuesday, July 10, 2018


A slight touch, being playful;
saturated and earnest.

An encounter, intertwine and sublime;
Water from the shower, cascades.

Over curves and arches;
The scenery is favourable to a picturesque crime.

Golden locks in cleansing water,
Turning and pressing against him.

Her fingers lather her body and hair;
suds trickle, leaving nothing bare.

His eyes taunted, as her body flaunts;
She continues, he's helpless.

Cupping her breast;
Taking hold, grasping the shampoo.

A puff of sweetness,  strawberries and vanilla 
Entice the nostrils, making the lovin'.

Ensuring comfort, to be there.
Massaging her golden silk hair.

That leads to other massaging.
Her mouth awes, embracing her moan.

As his hand encounters her pink gleam;
A seam, wet and ready, a fulfilled dream.

Fingers play a sweet tune.
A cry, a whimper is what he finds.

She turns, he embraces.
Her fingers trace his jawline;
strong and defined.

Biting her lower lip, he knew why;
As her fingers dance and sigh.

The sign of her might;
is about to vanquish the beast in him.

She continues her quest, tonight;
her lips tell the tale.

Pecking soft kisses, biting;
How now his rod glistens with might.

She takes hold with a glint in her eyes,
Licking her lips she guides him in.

Hand and mouth provoke his moan;
The key to their affair, dangerous passion on loan.


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