Saturday, July 28, 2018


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John managed to stand up and hop over to the bathroom door when he heard a low drown out moan coming up the stairs. He closed and locked the door and hopped towards the bathroom window, it was there he noticed a crowd gathering in the town.

A sense of fear and panic came across John as this town had never seen so many people in one place, even before all this shit began. It had a creepy-crawly feel when you lift a rock and you find an ant nest. Just so many people.

His attention turned back towards the bathroom doors as clawing multiplied against it, as it seemed more of these "things" gathered for a piece of him. John shuttered.

He looked down at his bloody leg, the door and then back to the window. He punched the tile wall. "Fucking idiot, you are John," He shook his hand in regret as the pain quickly became relevant. " You are smarter than this and now you're going to die if you don't get together."

He sat on the window sill and manipulate himself out onto the porch roof. The drowning moan came to a loud roar as the crowd discovered John on the roof. Each thud on the tin roof excited the crowd and they began to surround the perimeter. John looked at the next house over and wish he could jump right over, but even if he had both legs good he couldn't make the jump. So, he looked down at the fenced yard, it was clear for now. But, how was he going to get down to the ground, the only thing he figures that would work was the downspout. He looked around evaluating his footing and noticed the blood smear that he trailed from the window.

"Okay, you can do this John," John muttered to himself grasping the downspout. "Fuck, this is dumb."

He continued to wince as he inched down the spout, it creaked as he descended and then it happens. The lack of blood caught up to him and he became light-headed. Then his fingers released their death grip and John fell.



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