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"Aww fuck."

Benjamin muttered sitting in front of his tv. It was on, with a hockey game be played with the local home team. This was a regular occurrence for white coat witches to turn on this chatterbox, in an attempt to distract him. Though he was privy to their mystical influence to enslaving him into the fears of mainstream media. The constant news of death or destruction can leave any good person with a weary heart.

Though Benjamin wasn't a regular good-hearted person, because he didn't give a shit. The rather used his imagination and create his world to entertain himself. He had to, so not fall into the clutches of the white coats.

He did enjoy the picturesque view of the courtyard, which made did make it easy to wander off. The nature provided in the courtyard, as the white virgin crispness of fresh snow brought a silent calmness. Benjamin starred intently at a flock of sparrows pecking away at the provided feed. Their little borrowing in the snow and flinging it around. Their anatomical movements were somehow peaceful and wished he was a sparrow.


A calmness came over him, chirping away in the royal courtyard of Greystone. His crest poof out in song as he spotted the Queen floating across the cobbled floor of the courtyard with her Royal entourage.

She sat on the edge of the fountain that was situated in the center of the courtyard, testing the water with her hands. The Queen's guard established a loose perimeter out of her sight,  providing her protection and yet trying give her privacy. Only her personal guard remained in the close vicinity.

Benjamin took flight off the castle wall and glided down and landing on the fountain edge near the Queen. He dipped down to take a drink and fluttered his wings to bathe himself, to emulate what birds do.

The Queen seemed troubled, as her youthful face showed deep lines while starring off into the fountain. Her hand created ripples in the water as it moved back and forth. "Strider..." 

Her Personal Royal Guard prompted to his name. "Yes, my highness?" moving swiftly to her command.

"What am I to do?" The Queen asked looking back at him.

Strider was a man of discipline carrying many years of experience on both his face and chest. He looked back at the Queen with a sense of unease to answering her.

"Your Highness, wouldn't you want the advice of your council? I'm not experienced in the art of the political tongue."

"Damn it, Strider, if I wanted a political dance, I would have ordered you to do it, and you've would enjoy every minute." She continued "So give me your best guess then."

"As you wish your highness."

It was obvious that Strider was uncomfortable with giving advice on something he had little knowledge or care with. Yet he proceeds, treading with caution.

"Your Highness, in my opinion, the events that have occurred are not of your doing or of your control." Strider continued "Even though this is a grave issue the illness of The Tree is not your fault."

"I know this, but what are we going do? The Keepers of the Five Kingdoms with all their knowledge and power are aghast." The Queen demanded.

Though Strider remained silent rather providing any answer because there seems to be no answer.

Benjamin bobbed about in his current form being inconspicuous, while listening to the heart-wrenching news. As the heath of The Tree affected the Five Kingdoms entirely and with the news that the Keepers were unable to intervene made the news seem hopeless.

The Queen turned towards Benjamin and gave a smile placing her hand on the fountain base. Benjamin cocked his head assessing her demeanour, then bobbed onto her palm.

"Aren't you the sweetest thing." She stated.

Benjamin can feel himself blush and continued to chirp in sweet song as the Queen lifted him up. "Strider look at this sparrow isn't this the cutest thing? Doesn't it seem that there is hope when you see such marvels?"

Strider engaged the situation with sparrow as cautious as always when it came to the protection of the Queen. He took a step forward.
"With everything going on, these small wonders need to be cherished." The Queen smiled.

"I am careful my Lady, there are strange things happening in these days. We had our own occurrence not too long ago." He took another step forward.

"Well, Sir Strider that is why you are here, and for me keep you sharp."

"Yes my Lady, but the summons of  strange magic lately has made me weary."

Another step his hand grabbing the hilt of his sword as he continued to speak.

"We were lucky last time with that ghastly figure that was struck down."

Benjamin sensed something was wrong, he fluttered his wings as he noticed Strider's attention was focused on him.

"What's wrong Sir Strider?" The Queen inquired

"Something is odd with this bird my Lady." Strider began to unsheathe his sword.

Benjamin in a panic fluttered away from the Queen. Strider pounced forward to place himself between his Queen and this intruder.

Benjamin in mid-flight transformed. Wings became arms, talons became feet and feathers become a cloaked figure crouched.

Strider's sword swung with futile attempt to strike but unsuccessful as the cloaked figure eluded him.

"What the hell! " Benjamin shouted in defence.

Strider looked like recognized the voice of his opponent. "Filthy worm tongue! Guards!"


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