Tuesday, June 05, 2018


She had always wanted to be a mom.
Embrace moments of picture-perfect perfection
neatly college, the way family books come, and
hung on walls to display snapshot happiness.
How desperately was she to want this? 

For this soccer mom, corralling her young flock, 
a typical day, a scheduled barrage. 
Spilled milk, endless clutter, and juvenile talk;
shrapnel pinned her to maternal duties. 
How she’s missed being the fertile woman. 

Dressing up in the business attire,
smart, sexy skirts around the flirt level.
Voluptuous curves, the attraction the attention,
enjoying the luring eyes, even though married.
Working at the firm was her dream career.

Her wish came true and karma caught up too. 
The birth of three committed her,
Making her homebound and a fool.
She loved her children, but this was not expected,
a sacrifice to the career, she so desired.

Trailed off thoughts caused her to fall,
losing balance, twisting her ankle. 
Citizens gathered around her, the helpless fool,
overreacting, calling 911 to her fall. 
A call she didn't know involved future dangers. 

Tall dark and handsome, she met him,
A gentle paramedic with a touch,
that distracted everything else.
A first for her to be lost for words,
But yet, here she was, lost for words.

He helped her up and smiled,
and that was it for her.
For some reason and she did not know why
But she gave him her number, writing it on his hand,
Something totally out of character for her.

Taking the kids home her mind was of him;
A sense of first lover’s crush flooded her.
The strong jaw line and attentive eyes, she liked,
She hasn’t felt flutters since meeting the husband.

Now a sense of guilt was upon her
As she realized how he ignited her loins;
A fire that has been smothered a year
The hot flushed sense got her feared.

Had she become a careless flirt?


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