Friday, June 29, 2018


John's eyes flashed open to the gnarly teeth chewing, as another one of these things followed him up the stairs. This one had crawled on top of him and feasted on John's left quad as if it was a raw chicken bone. Its soulless gaze remained focused on John's leg as John struggled to grab his shotgun. Inching his fingers, he managed to hook the trigger guard and drag the shotgun into his reach. John remembered that he had one shot left as he pumped action, the spent casing of the shot tumbled across the floor.

Screaming from the gnarling pain and the frustration of getting into this situation, he took aim of the man's head and fired. The concussion of the blast ringed in John's ears, as a curtain of blood and brain remains splattered all over.

The pain of his leg became obvious now, after wiggling free from underneath the carcasses. There was a lot of blood, which meant trouble. John pushed through the pain, crying but knew if he didn't get this bleeding under control he would die. So, he propped up himself on his right leg, hopping towards the bathroom. Each jolt causes excruciating pain and a trail of blood. He reached and opened the medicine cabinet grabbing a prepped first aid kit and dropped down on the tub.

He evaluated the wound. It looked like a pulsating chicken carcass, so he opened the first aid kit grabbed the tourniquets and wrapped above the wound. Then synced it down and started to tighten the handle to help stop the bleeding. Each turn brought a stabbing pain and each time John was close to passing out.

After John took some rubbing alcohol removed the cap and paused for a second to psych himself up to lose his leg in something that would obviously cause him to scream in pain. Taking a few breaths, he drenched the wounds and, in an instant, he fell into the tub.

"FUCK!" He screamed as he grabbed his leg he continued to curse words too harsh for me to write. Working through the initial pain of inducing nut kicking pain realized that there were five of these things and made their way into his living room, and then he realized shotgun was in the other room.


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