Saturday, May 19, 2018


Ok, this was an exercise given by a writer's group in Kik “Scribble and Thoughts 21+”, which is an excellent way to shake the writer's block and see where other writers go with the same parameters. So we were provided with a beginning and then we were to produce a quick 100 words story:

The noise from the street softened and then faded as he closed the door. 

Zackary stood outside and scanned the shadows seeing if he could spot the point origin, but no luck. It made him uneasy as it was the eve of his wife’s death.

He still felt the guilt and the emptiness in his life since her death, but never could come to leave their house. He was rich now as his wife’s life insurance paid off their house, which took awhile to convince them that her death was an accident. The police still even this day hound Zackary as he was still a suspect, as righty so he killed her.


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