Sunday, May 27, 2018


Before light from the heavens above, darkness reigned.

The Dark Lord whose name shall not be spoken;

Uttered the existence of land; and

So they were formed from violence, erupting from the bowels of the earth. Spewing molten fire into jagged teeth and deep caverns.


Before the beginning there was nothing.

No life or death;

No health or sickness;

Neither love nor hate;

Just, nothing.

Only she, The Dark Lord existed.

She existed as she was the entity of existence. Her ability exponentially powerful, but she did not need to express it. She was content in the void of darkness, as it was silent and beautiful.

Eternity came and went a few times and she felt different.

The expression of her moment stirred something inside her not the same as you and I. This moment festered beyond the span of any span, as if it never happened. Though it did happen.

As there was nothing, now with her will violence erupted all around. She did nothing, said nothing just willed it and the intensity was so immense that it was the beginning. So, this became the birth of Time.

What happened as she uttered light, been the first experience she experienced that was not of darkness. This light was so bright that darkness almost did not exist. The light fade in hues of colour, as the bowels of darkness, spewed molten fire. This went on as an expression of the Dark Lord's will and it carried on over a few moments, as she looked at the hues of lava as something new to experience.

The Dark Lord was content.


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