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"We got a huge fucking problem, Xavier!" The man said storming into the office.

Xavier glared at him without saying a word. His icy stare caused the man to back up and readjust his tone.

"Sorry, but you need to see this Mr. X." The man corrected himself as he knew Xavier preferred to be called Mr. X. So, he hesitated to come further into the office.

Xavier was a meticulous man who rather works than deal with petty problems that people bring to him. Yet because he knew his job and knew it well that always came to seek advice from him. Therefore, Xavier hated people.

"What do we got Ben?" Xavier snapped, signalling him in.

Ben was dressed in the standard black skinny tie and suit something you see out of the 50's. It seems to be the unofficial uniform of the Vista Corps as most people in the office would wear it.

Ben walked across the room around the table, as he did he made a tablet of light appeared from swiping gesture in midair. It produced a report that he hands off to his boss. Xavier took the tablet and looking through the contents of the screen, and as he did his went deeper and deeper into a scowl.

"How come I'm just finding of this now?" Ben asked in a tone that demanded a response.

"I just found out myself. We have a ground crew on site trying to contain the situation."

"Trying? We need this sorted out now! We can't have products going astray, especially when we are so close to a breakthrough."

I know, they are trying Mr. X, but if you look, things have gotten complicated." Ben defended as he watched Xavier examine the video caption of the report.

"As you can see, we have transcendence," Ben stated waiting for the wrath of Xavier's temper. As Ben had seen first had this very man tell an employee to wait in his office, while he shopped for a baseball bat. Just so he could return and take that same baseball bat, beat him inches from taking his life. After then tell him to take the rest of the day off. Though fortunately for Ben it didn't come. Rather Xavier preoccupied with the tablet report. Ben could see that Xavier was furious for such a complication but remaining somewhat reserved. After a few moments of absorbing the damage, Xavier made the same swiping motion to make the glass tablet disappear.

"Reset the program, destroy all the project material," Xavier said getting up to look out the 30-story window. "I want to start fresh in the morning."

"Roger Mr. X I will get right now it," Ben replied heading for the door.

"You better," Xavier replied. "Oh, one more thing. Fuck this up and I'll have you watch me throw an entire family out this very window will you bleed out." Xavier stated calmly tapping on the window. Ben imagined in horror and then left the office in silence.

Xavier stared out the window for awhile watching, as the people below carry on with their daily and petty lives as ants. He wondered how much more this world can handle to sustain such a massive parasite. He hated the smell people gave off and what's worse is the perfume they used to mask it. He then stared at the reflection in the window looking back at him and sneered turning back to his desk. The annoying audio delay "Call the Chief Project Manager on Project Rejuvenate and tell him to meet me here in an hour."

Alexa responded with another audio cue and Xavier sat back down at his desk and resumed his work.


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