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Fucking things! Benjamin Torrent snapped in his mind, as he was trying to wallow in his misery while squinting away and shading his eyes from the annoying light.

 This light came from the sun beaming through the large bay windows of the South Wood Community Health Center. Its rays amplified from the fresh powder snow on a beautiful blue December morning. He saw this differently from you or me, as we would have seen it as light glittered against floating dust particles. To Benjamin though the dust particles were mystical beings were taking flight in the thousands, consuming every empty space facilely.

White cloaked witches patrolled the dining room billowing through the thick and peaceful layer of dust, attending to the imbeciles locked in the same room as him.

One of those witches were attending to him, trying to poison him with their daily concoction.

"Fuck off! Fuck off, fuck off!" He repeated moving his head in a juvenile manner.

"Mr. Torrent you need to take your medication." The nurse ordered in frustration. This witch was truly the closest thing to a witch as she had no bedside manner. So, Benjamin never cared for this witch near him. She grabbed his bristly chin to restrain his movement and feed him the cup of pills.

Reluctantly, Benjamin swallowed the pills as the white witch flood his mouth with cool water, washing them down his throat. She wiped his chin and praised him for taking his medication sarcastically.

Benjamin moaned in detest as he felt violated and ignored with the brutal treatment of these white cloaked witches.

Now condemned to carry out his remaining days here. Forced out of his beautiful home in an older part of the city where he had grown old in. His son told him that he was unable to take care of himself was heart-wrenching. So, through trickery and deceit Benjamin reluctantly signed the documents that led to his imprisonment. Even now people continue to reassure him that everything is going to be fine, that the poison they keep feeding him was the medication he needed. Yet Benjamin knew better, they were to dulled his ability function. He always felt exhausted after taking those godforsaken pills. They even caused him to lose his touch with his creativity to immerse himself in the world that he created called Avalon.

Avalon was the world that has been his entire life's work. Its original idea came from Comprising of twelve novels, which had sold millions of copies worldwide. More importantly, his avid readers had come to fall in love with.

Taken away into this "prison", betrayed by his family to live his remaining days and unable to complete his work.

So, every day he was wheeled into the same place. In front of this large bay window and attacked by the annoying sprites of dusty light and filled with the witches' pills. His ability to do anything limited and so for the remaining part of the day he sits in this "wheeled" chair in his own filth.


"Die you filthy worm tongue!"

Clang, clang, clang rung in Benjamin's ears and he quickly recognized the sound of tempered steel clashing together. His eyes snapped open in a sense of panic, knowing that his life could be in danger.

He stood up finding himself during furious combat in the courtyard of Raven's Keep. Where before him where he just laid, stood a white cloak knight fighting to free his embed sword.

"I will smite you down and cut out that filthy tongue as a trophy!" The knight announced freeing his sword loosely.

Benjamin in shock raised his hands in defence. "What the fuck are you doing?"

He screamed out as the knight approached waving his sword in Benjamin's direction.

Benjamin stumbled back to the pebbled ground avoiding the blade, clenching his eyes waiting for death.

A crushing blow met his chest causing a darkness to flood as he passed out into it.


 Benjamin jolted in his wheelchair back to his predicament in the community health center.  "Fuck..." Benjamin remarked

His body wrapped in a quilted blanket, obviously the evil witch was trying to torture him. He hated quilted blankets as the sound of quilted wool drove an angry and he began to squirm.
"Aww, Benny how are you this morning?"

Benjamin recognized that voice very quickly as it was his "favourite" witch.

It was a young voluptuous nursing student who had started working at the center the same time he was cast off here. Her presence was always Benjamin's highlight of his day even if it's under her love potion. "Sam..." He stuttered '' how are you, Sam?"

"Oh, I'm good, how was your nap?" Sam continued "I missed you at movie time, yesterday."

Benjamin was there as he only went there because she was there. He smiled to answer Sam, but before he could respond San excused herself to attend to someone else. Another reason he fucking hated this place, everyone just ignores you as a person.

Benjamin stared back out the window noticing the day had gone by. The sun had already travelled across the big bay window.

"Fuck," Benjamin commented as another morning wasted. 


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