Saturday, April 14, 2018



Scott left Claire with the kids as he darted in the direction Dick had disappeared off to. His heart raced as he knew something was not right with Dick knowing his name.

Aisle after aisle Scott searched. Weaving through the Sunday crowd, excusing himself when he accidentally bumped someone. Yet his efforts did not find Dick or the child.

He scurried to the front and out into the parking lot. There in front of the grocery store, he scanned through the field of cars, hoping to find them. It was then he spotted Dick.

He was down at the far end of the parking lot starring at Scott. The man had a glare of unemotional challenge to Scott as if eyeing up his competition. Then suddenly he took his phone out in Scott’s direction and waved.

Scott started to walk towards Dick. Is he taking a photo of me?

“Hey! I want to talk Dick!” Scott yelled and pointed at Dick. All he did was smirked put his phone away got into this car. Scott broke into a run after him.

Dick sped off and Scott pursued on foot, trying to capture every detail of the car he could.

Scott puffed away pulling out his phone watching the Dick speed away in a blue Ford Escort with Virgin Plates.

“Hey, I need you run some plates.”



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