Monday, April 23, 2018



"Alright everyone, listen up!" Scott shouted to the crowd of police officers and detectives. They quickly quite down and turned their attention to Scott. "It has confirmed that the car was stolen a few weeks ago, and I want to get every available officer on this."

There was a dull roar of chatter among the group as this order was a little unorthodox to put this much resources on a stole vehicle.

"Hey, boss doesn't that seem a bit excessive?" One of the officers commented for the crowd.

"Normally I would agree, but in this particular case I feel that this suspect may be the notorious stranger killer who fell off our radar after killing spree died off the night when he took the daughter of Scott Greene and his wife after he murdered them in front of her." Scott paused as flashbacks popped into his head of that video haunted him. The vivid images of that horrific evening will always be there.

"Sir?" Jim called out to boss and friend cupping his shoulder, Scot jumped.

"What? Um right." Scott recomposed himself. "The child at the grocery stores would be the same age as Lizzy Greene would be and looking at this child she similarities of the mother."

"So, we are going off on a hunch?" One of the detectives commented.

Scott turned to him and sighed. "We cannot take the chance of it being the stranger. We have to track this guy down for Lizzy's sake, God help us she is still alive."

John waited for the meeting to finish to approached Scott. " Do think this is the guy?"

Scott turned to John with tears. " You didn't see his face, but I did. Something wasn't right about this guy."


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