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It was another day, let’s call it Wednesday, and to those who are in the pitfall of the consumer, retail would call it hump day. Jonas was one of them these employees and he worked hard. Paid his bills on time and even volunteered his spare time at the local museum. Yep, a liberal, who considered his shopping at the local food market fighting "the man".

Though that was the extent of his rebellious nature as Jonas didn’t mind working at the Grey Houses Publishing Company.
So, this morning that was where he was heading off to. Work, as usual, getting ready to take the 7:45 am bus. Stepping out the door at quarter after seven was plenty of time to head to his favourite coffee shop, just a few blocks away from his condo.
data-p-id=b3db1d7affdb71a8c9108f1d53fbc119,style=text-align:left;,While opening the door to the coffee shop the familiar bells rang against the door. The smell of the fresh brew and pastries filled his nostrils triggering the hdata-media-type=image,data-image-layout=one-horizontal,data-p-id=a2b06ca7850450670b43842ef08b4d58,style=text-align:left;,;644;1000,data-p-id=7fc91183c36b9839839e0f5ccdffe69c,style=text-align:left;,unger rumbling in his belly.
Jonas waved and smiled at the lady behind the counter, as she regularly worked the morning shift when he came in. Jonas was pretty sure her name was,

So, the thought of shivers and how they tremble through us are considered a warning. Sometimes when we are cold, sometimes the feeling as if someone has walked on our grave. Or its when you're being watched. This time Jonas felt like he was being watched. 

data-p-id=8acae751fdb17e73140e65afcac4e4eHe had shivers as soon as he walked into the coffee shop from the man across the store. At first, Jonas tried to convince himself that it was just a coincidence that the man's focused on him, that was concentrating on something else or he was daydreaming. Though after a while it got obvious that it was not a coincidence, as Jonas kept noticing him glaring while he was waiting in line to order.
"Morning, the usual Jonas?" The lady behind the counter smiled. 
"Yes please." Jonas answered,

The other lady behind who Jonas knew as Gwen took his order without a second,

Jonas found that peculiar. He thoughts he should have stayed in bed.

He paid and waited for his order all the while he kept glancing between his phone and at the man across the shop. His palms were sweaty as the stranger's glare remain unbroken.
Jonas had to reassure himself to keep his anxiety in check.
Gwen came back with the order. 
"Skinny grande latte." She announced.
Jonas looked at Gwen to let her know that wasn't her order, but before he could she carried on with the next customer. Instead of raising a fuss he took the drink without complaint and quickly headed out the door. Scurrying back to the bus stop Jonas took one last glimpse through the store window for the creepy guy. He was on the phone tracking Jonas through the,

Jonas had a crazy idea running through his mind who the man was calling and seemed all conspiring against,

So, he hurried along.

Of course, he felt you could hear his footsteps advertise his location even the satellites orbiting the Earth. Yet Jonas continued to walk with of feeling on being,

At the bus stop, he waited nervously with his latte in hand. He thumbed through the latest news on the CBC app as part of his routine and a distraction to his morning,

data-media-type=image,data-image-layout=one-horizontal,data-p-id=12fcddb492d299f07d0a172204965f14,style=text-align:left;,;1408;1846,data-p-id=49f9fb504bedaa567959b59971b77cd9,style=text-align:left;,A few minutes of waiting at the bus stop the bus pulled up. The air brakes exhausted to a stop and the doors swung open greeted by the bus driver.
"Morning Jonas." The bus driver smiled.
"Morning..." Jonas replied with caution while paying his fare. As the bus driver has never said boo to him before and now he knows his name. Odd he thought sitting down in one of the bench seat in the front of the,

I never remembered telling him my name?

The doors closed and a sense of relief came over Jonas as no one else got on. The bus slowly merged back into morning traffic, continuing its route. 
Jonas sipped his latte.
Aww man, no fat milk gross.
He thought but continued to drink his daily caffeine injection in disappointment as he needed his,

The exchange of passengers proceeded along the route and every time Jonas held his breath in anticipation, thinking his new-found stalker would show up. Yet he never did.

The bus was at an intersection waiting for the light to proceed when Jonas got a text from the unknown number.
Get off the bus NOW!
Jonas stood up but the bus was already creeping through the intersection. He moved to the line and bus driver shouted at,

"You need to take your seat Jonas!"data-p-id=89ea3222dfafcb249a727b9609052046,

Jonas looked,

"How do you know my...WATCH OUT!"


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