Thursday, April 26, 2018


The glitter of glass moved in slow motion, as if like gassy stars giants moving throughout a galaxy. It was such a surreal moment of metal and glass as the buses collided.

The impact had been so violent that the one had flipped on to its side, crashing into cars in the opposing lane.

Jonas watched in horror, dropping his coffee to the ground, as watched in rest time the buses coming to a halt. Shortly after screams and horns filled the air from all connecting streets adding to commotion.

It wasn't shortly after that bystanders that saw the crash, were at the scene climbing through the wreckage. They were trying to see if they could assist the injured. Jonas dialed 911 on his cell phone.

"911 what's your emergency?" Her monotone voice responded.

"Yes, there was accident on the corner of Richmond and..." He paused as he had to figure out where he was at that moment, looking for the street signs.

"Sir, you need to focus." The operator told Jonas

A gathering of a crowd started gaining momentum as the word of the accident spread. They were even some who took pictures of the accident

"Yeah, sorry corner of Richmond and Young. Please hurry!"

"Stay on the phone sir" The operator continued. "What's your name sir?"

"Jonas" answered

"Okay Jonas I need you to remain calm and answer a few questions."

So, he tried to take her advice and took a few deep breaths to relax. He could feel the effects of the therapeutic breathing.

"Okay I'm ready."

"Okay Jonas is there anyone hurt and if so how badly?"

Jonas answered "Yes I think so but I'm not sure how many?"

He started creeping towards the crash. He can see the bystanders that went earlier starting to evacuate the injured. The cries of pain were shredding the ear drums because of it. One of the bystanders signaled to him for assistance. From there Jonas' helpful nature took over and he moved in to aid the bystander.

"Hey come here I need your help!" The man said holding injured passenger.

"Do you smell gas?" Jonas shouted back to him. The man realized that the bus was leaking fuel, which created a sense of urgency.

"Come give me hand to get him up!"

Jonas are you still there? I need to stay on the phone." Jonas forgot the operator was still on the line.

"Yes, yes, I'm here, I think I smell gas!" Jonas responded as he was rushing over to assist to evacuate the casualty.

He dropped his phone in his pocket as he took the casualty's feet. The man counted to three and they both lifted the casualty up. He screamed when he was lifted, but they continued anyway. They managed to stumble over the wreckage till they felt that l reached a safe distance. Jonas and other man regained their breath. The man looked at Jonas and was going to head back to the retrieve another casualty when an explosion occurred.

The force of the blast threw Jonas back blowing all kind of debris across flesh. He landed hard and he could sense something was not right. As a constant ring echoed in his ears that left him disoriented. He just laid there pinned, letting darkness consume him. Passing out from the effects of the concussion.


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