Monday, April 09, 2018


Looking up, it was a sunny cloudless morning. So peaceful like something you would see on a beach. Closing his eyes Jonas took deep breaths to calm his nerves as he knew he was going to be late for work, again. It was another day. Wednesday or to some, who would call it hump day. Those who did were the ones in the pitfall of consumer retail.

For the second time this week he was going to be late and his boss was pissed off the last time.

His car sat idle for so long that he had put in park and turned off the ignition as the traffic was backed up. He sat there breathing debating if the traffic would clear in time or if he should call to let work know what was going on.

He turned on the radio to hear the traffic report and he heard one of his favourite songs playing on the charts.

Singing away to the song things feeling a little better. Well, at least it's hump day, hump day?

A shudder went through him. Weird...

He shrugged it off as nothing more than Deja-vu and he continued to sing the song.

While there in traffic Jonas noticed men running towards him through the traffic at full tilt. They seem to in a hurry as they should no sense of safety as they ran. As they got closer, Jonas saw that their clothes were tattered and covered in blood. Hesitate on what to do Jonas just watched them run past and that is when realized that he recognized them but from where? A sudden urge forced Jonas to get out of his car watching the two men scurry off. Jonas looked back to where they came from as a large explosion drew his attention.

"Holy shit!" Slipped out as he moved his arms in a defensive posture. The gust of debris and wind pushed past the cars. Jonas was uninjured when he looked where the explosion came from. There he saw a billowing black cloud hovering over Richmond Street just in front of him, no more than a couple blocks away. Confused at first, he stood there wondering what was happening and then he clued into the men that just ran past may be connected. Jonas snapped back in that direction in the attempt to spot the two men through the chaos.

One and two and three and four and five. One and two and three and four and ten. One and two and three and four and fifth-teen." Eric shouted in rhythm as he pumped the chest on an unconscious girl.

Jonas utilized the BVM to apply two breaths to complete the CPR cycle.

The paramedics had been on site for a bit after they heard the explosion. They had to rush to the scene by foot as the traffic, as it was too congested to maneuver through with the ambulance. They conducted a mass casualty scene survey to identify the number of casualties and their injuries.

Jonas looked at Eric. "It's done." He put his hand on his partner's shoulder. "She's gone."

Eric looked at Jonas with tears in his eyes as he knew Eric was right.

"Fuck!" He yelled wiping his face. "Who does this?" Implying the senseless act of violence sitting in the middle of this intersection. Jonas looked at Eric silently as he was not sure how to answer. Eric got up and Jonas followed covering the girl with the wool blanket they brought from the ambulance, and with that, they continued attending to the other casualties.

Rummaging around the site to find anything to utilize as supplies for first aid when he found another casualty.

"Eric, I got another one over here!" Jonas shouted as he dug away at the debris. "I gotcha buddy, hold on!"

The man sputtered gasping for air. Jonas feverishly moved as quickly as he could, constantly reassuring the man he'll be fine. Then that was when he recognized the man.
It was him.


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