Sunday, March 18, 2018


Drama at the Shop

A man stands at the street corner. A woman sits across from him. Another man sips on his coffee, reading the newspaper. There is loud a sound, it startles the man with the coffee, which makes his cup fall to the floor. Smashing the cup and spilling his coffee, the man curses as the coffee gets it on his pants.

The man stood outside in the cold. Watching the mother staring intently at the man in the suit, she seems angry. Holding her infant, and then something else catches the morning light on her lap. The man she watches is reading a newspaper while drinking coffee. Then from down the street, a delivery truck crashed into a car. The impact was loud, and the man on the corner watches in terror. But he knew this was about to happen.

She sits there in the coffee shop and doesn’t order. Instead feeds her newborn child a bottle while gazing at the man in the suit. It makes her angry watching him sit there drinking his coffee looking smug, tears glazing her eyes. Her hand clenches the revolver she bought with her rent money. Contemplating the right time to confront him. That’s when there was a loud bang, startling the revolver free from her grip.

Reading the paper, in the order he always did. Headlines, business section and sports, with a cup of Americano with one sugar. He always was here every morning. That’s how they met nine months ago, but he didn’t let on that he saw her. He was denying an opportunity for her to present a scene. It was his favourite coffee shop. At that moment he heard the crash, it came from outside. Startled, his leg jolted, knocking his coffee cup to the floor. He swore as he burnt his leg from the coffee spilling over the table onto his pants. He looks at her.

Late for Delivery

The driver knew he was late. He was late ever since he grabbed that cup of coffee from the drive-thru before work. His boss again was upset and said this was his last warning. If you still have deliveries before your shift ends, find new employment.

So, his driving was aridic, resenting his boss for lecturing him on his five minutes of lateness. Coming to his next delivery stop, he swigged a mouthful of coffee. Then the driver’s phone rang, and seeing it was his wife and he grabbed it. By answering it caused him to spill his coffee on his lap, taking his eyes off the road.

The teenager’s headphones were on, listening to music way too loud. As he was heading off to the bus stop, but first he haphazardly checked and crossed the street to get to the coffee shop down the street. When the truck came screeching to stop ramming into the taillights of a cop car. Which in turn forced the cruiser to hit and send a teenager flying. The impact was loud and the teenager laid there motionless.

The police officer was uninjured and had already taken control of the scene. He assessed the teenager who was already was shaking off the impact. He stood off the street onto the sidewalk now, allowing the police officer to approach the truck.


The man on the street corner who witness the accident, turned back now to watch the mother leave the coffee shop in a panic. She seemed distraught running towards the accident. The same way he saw her arrive from.

Following the mother and child, the man in the suit was in pursuit, holding the revolver that she had dropped. The man of the corner flinched to chase but then stopped, once he saw the police officer identify him as a gunman. The man in the suit was on the ground in cuffs.

The teenager melted away into the forming crowd unharmed and the man on the corner smiled pulled out his phone. He dialled and pressed the phone to his ear.

“Where good, the asshole father is in custody. The coffee cup worked.”


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