Friday, March 23, 2018


Johnathan didn’t want to take a chance with whatever those things were. E covered his tracks the best he heading home. This was his home town and nothing was going to make him move. Not the bank or the cop and most certainly not world ending shit!

Snaking through buildings, crossing rooftops. A few of them he had taken the time to board up on the ground floor, for various reasons. When he got to his house he had made the second-floor window his main entrance just off the porch.

Inside his eyes adjusted to the darkness, revealing his old bathroom. Its fixtures still mounted but abandoned since running water dried up.

Being careful to not setting the floor trap he had set for unwelcome guests. Johnathan made his way down the hallway to the stairs. He had taken down the family pictures long ago, too much of a hurtful reminder.

Down to the kitchen. The main floor was dark with all the windows boarded up, with furniture reinforcing their integrity so that he wouldn't have any intruders. 

Never could to be too cautious.

Thud Thud followed by a hair twinging hiss made came from the front of the hose. Johnathan jump, turned wishing he had been more cautious.


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