Monday, October 16, 2017


Paul's Fate

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Scott reviewed the raid reports and the reports from the CSI Team, with a sickening feeling. 

First, they knew Paul had a wife and a daughter, so SWAT decided that raiding his home quickly and at night was the best option, so his family could have a better chance of survival if they caught Paul by surprise.

Yet when they did raid the house they found Paul along with his wife dead. The murder was gruesome, the second one in days. Scott exhaled and took a deep breath trying to calm his nerves proceeding with the report and the video.

The SWAT team entered the house and found Paul and his wife dead, their bodies already decomposing. At the crime scene, they discovered the phone on a tripod. It was Paul's phone.

They examined the phone and found a video of the murder. Where it showed Paul’s, wife held at knifepoint forcing her to her knees, while Paul had to be ordered to unbutton his pants. She died by fixation and Paul left at the scene in tears watching her die before him. Before his killer slit Paul’s throat methodically.

What was most disturbing that Scott teared up, was watching their daughter abducted just after watching the deaths of her parents.



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