Monday, October 02, 2017


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Johnathan shielded his eyes and face as the extreme heat from the propane tank was unbearable. Yet Johnathan was still in disbelief as he could see through his hands, as a figure moving out of the flames that no one should have survived. However, here he was witnessing a roman candle stumbling out of the flames.

Johnathan stood there in shock, as the figure sauntered towards with no sense of any panic even though its flesh bubbled and seem to fall off.

For some reason, Johnathan had a sense of urgency to get back in the truck as the figure quicken his pace towards him. He started the engine and put it into reverse when he noticed the truck hung up on the fence that was knocked down.

"Oh shit!" Johnathan cursed as the figure was approaching, its body beyond requisition of being human. He threw the truck into drive and tried to creep it forward to unlodge the truck. It jolted a gave some gas and the truck lodge forward knocking over the person in flames.

"Oh my God!" Johnathan yelled throwing the truck into park to see if the person was alive. When he got out of the truck his world again changed.


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