Sunday, October 08, 2017


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Johnathan stormed out of the truck even if though the man would have died from the blazing fire, he still felt obligated to see if was okay after running him over. It seems to be the human thing to do, especially since this man was the only other person he had seen in over a year.

Yeah great job douche bag.

Stepping towards the front of the truck where the man laid, it was there Johnathan noticed the man was still moving. Out of reaction, he removed his jacket to fan the flames out and then pulled at the man charred legs to free him from the undercarriage. Johnathan heard moans and instantly realized that pulling at a man's burnt legs was not the smartest thing to do.


Johnathan continued to haul the man of out under the truck, think that he already did the damage, it was then he realized that there was something wrong. 

The man sat up reaching for Johnathan with his flesh burnt arms. The grotesque face had no resemblance of a live human, but rather a rotting corpse.

"What the fuck!?" Johnathan yelled as he dropped the creature's legs in fear stumbling back. He lost his footing and fell but managed to scramble quickly back to his feet. In all the time the creature snapped it's jaw as it crawled toward him.

Johnathan ran to the truck and shut the door the creature was soon behind clawing at the window with charred stumps. It was then Johnathan put the truck in gear and sped off, leaving the creature fade off in the rearview mirror.


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