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Saturday, September 22, 2018


I believe in two things. First, life is not absolute. Second, live it while you can. So, am I weird? Well, I sold all my equity, putting into an account, and flew across the world. Now hanging on the edge of the train in a foreign land. Why? I guess that's why I'm here, to find that out. I’ve been lost ever since the diagnoses. I was going to die, which is ironic since we’re all going to, but it’s different knowing your expiration date. So, living is all it matters and going outside the tourist scene was the way.

Thursday, July 26, 2018


Before the sun crests, it begins to paint the sky. A spectrum of colour invites another morning. Awaking opportunity, of a routine of brewing and pouring coffee then sitting on the front step to the welcoming song of the birds. My coffee cup meets my lips and I taste my first cup of the dark nectar. A quenching liquid to heighten my hyper senses to aggravate my introverted moment, before the stirring of the world. This is how I enjoy my days now since my tours to Afghanistan. Keeping it simple and enjoying life, what’s left of my lonely life.

Friday, June 29, 2018


John's eyes flashed open to the gnarly teeth chewing, as another one of these things followed him up the stairs. This one had crawled on top of him and feasted on John's left quad as if it was a raw chicken bone. Its soulless gaze remained focused on John's leg as John struggled to grab his shotgun. Inching his fingers, he managed to hook the trigger guard and drag the shotgun into his reach. John remembered that he had one shot left as he pumped action, the spent casing of the shot tumbled across the floor.

Screaming from the gnarling pain and the frustration of getting into this situation, he took aim of the man's head and fired. The concussion of the blast ringed in John's ears, as a curtain of blood and brain remains splattered all over.

The pain of his leg became obvious now, after wiggling free from underneath the carcasses. There was a lot of blood, which meant trouble. John pushed through the pain, crying but knew if he didn't get this bleeding under control he would die. So, he propped up himself on his right leg, hopping towards the bathroom. Each jolt causes excruciating pain and a trail of blood. He reached and opened the medicine cabinet grabbing a prepped first aid kit and dropped down on the tub.

He evaluated the wound. It looked like a pulsating chicken carcass, so he opened the first aid kit grabbed the tourniquets and wrapped above the wound. Then synced it down and started to tighten the handle to help stop the bleeding. Each turn brought a stabbing pain and each time John was close to passing out.

After John took some rubbing alcohol removed the cap and paused for a second to psych himself up to lose his leg in something that would obviously cause to scream in pain. Taking a few breaths, he drenched the wounds and, in an instant, he fell into the tub.

"FUCK!" He screamed as he grabbed his leg he continued to curse words too harsh for me to write. Working through the initial pain of inducing nut kicking pain realized that there were five of these things and made their way into his living room, and then he realized shotgun was in the other room.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Before light from the heavens above, darkness reigned.

The Dark Lord whose name shall not be spoken;

Uttered the existence of land; and

So they were formed from violence, erupting from the bowels of the earth. Spewing molten fire into jagged teeth and deep caverns.


Before the beginning there was nothing.

No life or death;

No health or sickness;

Neither love nor hate;

Just, nothing.

Only she, The Dark Lord existed.

She existed as she was the entity of existence. Her ability exponentially powerful, but she did not need to express it. She was content in the void of darkness, as it was silent and beautiful.

Eternity came and went a few times and she felt different.

The expression of her moment stirred something inside her not the same as you and I. This moment festered beyond the span of any span, as if it never happened. Though it did happen.

As there was nothing, now with her will violence erupted all around. She did nothing, said nothing just willed it and the intensity was so immense that it was the beginning. So, this became the birth of Time.

What happened as she uttered light, been the first experience she experienced that was not of darkness. This light was so bright that darkness almost did not exist. The light fade in hues of colour, as the bowels of darkness, spewed molten fire. This went on as an expression of the Dark Lord's will and it carried on over a few moments, as she looked at the hues of lava as something new to experience.

The Dark Lord was content.

Monday, October 02, 2017


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Johnathan shielded his eyes and face as the extreme heat from the propane tank was unbearable. Yet Johnathan was still in disbelief as he could see through his hands, as a figure moving out of the flames that no one should have survived. However, here he was witnessing a roman candle stumbling out of the flames.

Johnathan stood there in shock, as the figure sauntered towards with no sense of any panic even though its flesh bubbled and seem to fall off.

For some reason Johnathan had the sense of urgency to get back in the truck as the figure quicken his pace towards him. He started the engine and put into reverse when he noticed the truck hung up on the fence that was knocked down.

"Oh shit!" Johnathan cursed as the figure was approaching, its body beyond requisition of being human. He threw the truck into drive and tried to creep it forward to unlodge the truck. It jolted an gave some gas and the truck lodge forward knocking over the person in flames.

"Oh my God!" Johnathan yelled throwing the truck into parked to see if the person was alive. We he got out of the truck his world again changed.

Saturday, September 30, 2017



Scott looked the file that summarized Candy's death. The driver had no chance as she ran right out in front of the poor old lady's car, and her body was dragged close a hundred feet before the car came to a complete stop.

He couldn't fathom in why the hell did run out like that, or even she was out there by herself in the first place. Things just didn't add up, and where was John?

Scott's phone buzzed and the notification showed a text from one of the detectives.

We got another 10-35 on the I-20

What is going on that highway...Scott pondered responding to the text. Has everyone gone crazy. Than he looked at the picture of him and Candy of his desk. He sighed and turned down on the desk.


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Johnathan saw off towards the origin of the explosion a plume of black smoke rising up above the horizon. It was outside of town, towards the truck stop

He rushed over to his F-150, hopping into the cab and after a few cranks the engine rumbled alive. Putting into drive he drove off to the edge of the town.

The travel to the outside of the compound of the truck stop took fifteen minutes, and right away it was evident to what had caused the explosion.

The fence that had protected the propane tanks had been penetrated and the explosion was a semi had collided into the tanks.

Intense flames jettisoned and envelop the burning remains, which plumed huge black smoke that Johnathan had spotted from town.

Something moved out of the flames.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


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A lonely life takes hold of the routine in Jonathan's life these days. His systematic checks throughout the town are what keeps him grounded in this new reality that he lives.

365 days it has been exactly since the world went for a shit. Yeah, a big enormous pile of doggy crap that squished between your toes. That's what this year has been like for Jonathan.

One day he was a father and a husband, then the next day the was a mass panic, where an epidemic that no one would ever predict made The only human on Earth. 

The population fell to a virus that affected the nervous system. People started just going crazy, killing themselves, from blowing their heads off to crashing jumbo jets. It was so quick that governments had no chance to react.

Yet, Johnathan was still here. Living while everyone else was dead. All he had was his system checks.


Sunday, September 24, 2017



Candy could still hear Scott gasping for air when the stranger's hunting knife lodged into Scott's throat.  The sight of all that blood spurting and the panic on Scott's face.

When Scott was
unresponsive, the hooded man turned his attention towards Candy. That look that the man had. She would never forget that look, groomed and calm with not even an inclination of feeling. A manikin.

Candy shrieked in the memory finding herself face first in the ditch, her hands covered in blood. She looked at them in disbelief as she realized the sharp pain in her abdomen.

"Oh my God!" she panics as made it to feet, stumbling to the highway. She saw a set of headlights approaching and Candy managed to make the highway. 

"Help me!" Candy yelled at the headlights falling to her knees. " Help!" 

The car screeched to halt after Candy went under its wheels.

Friday, September 22, 2017



"Boy Candy, you sure know how to pick them!" Scott snickered driving off the crime scene. The tire squealed off the news van as he sped back onto the I-20. " You two are perfect for each other."

"Shut up Scott" Candy snapped wiping tears away from her eyes.

"Okay, okay...I was just kidding around. What has gotten into you?" He glanced at her. "Remember you screwed this up for us. That was a big break but, you had to go opening that hole."

Yet Candy didn't hear Scott but rather she was staring out the van, with her thoughts consuming her. 

She watched carelessly outside as it began to pour, barley seeing the highway signs speed by. 

Just down the road Candy saw a figure walking on the side of the road. She watched as the figure formulated into a man soaked in the rain.

"Scott did you see that!?"

Monday, September 18, 2017



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"Live from Fox News, I'm Candy Turcotte and here just off the I-20. Where earlier today a State trooper was found dead..." The sexy and smartly dressed news reported stopped abruptly. As she in a futile attempt to swat the black flies swarming in her hair.

"Cut! These fucking flies...god damn it!" 

The cameraman laughed dropping the camera from his shoulder.

"Scott it's not funny." Candy continued to swat away. "I fucking hate this place fucking cop probably shot himself working for his boss."

Scott stood there signalling to her to shut up.

"What! It's not like he's here..."

"Hello Candy." A voice from behind annoyed and Candy whirled around.

It was the police chief surrounded with investigators assessing the crime scene.
"John!...aum...sorry to hear about your lost..." Candy's were cut off as he continued on only giving a glare.

"Save it Candy for your friends." John comments indicating to the files still swarming her. Candy was left behind the yellow crime scene tape.

"What a dick" Scott commented. "What did you ever see in him Candy?"

Thursday, September 14, 2017



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The car drove up, like any typical car on these hot summer days. Carefree with a group inside, sharing a vacation moment.

In this particular car two younger ladies got out and stretched, which seem to indicate they traveled a distance in their sub-compact car. They seem to continue a conversation about relationships, giggling away as they quickly walked across the parking lot. They were heading toward the information center. Most likely needing to use the facilities.

One was named Sam, she was pretty. He liked Sam.

He sat there watching intently at the two young ladies disappear into the building, under mirrored Oakley sunglasses. Once they disappeared from his gaze he turned his attention to their car. Red, Honda, typical.

BRKY 987

He memorized the license plate on their car, which was the only car in the parking lot. strangely enough considering, it was tourist season and usually this place was busy.

Perfect he thought...