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06 June 2018


"Damn it John, you are going to die." He continued to repeat between each gun shot he fired. Blood splattered and human parts painted his house in red. His ears ringed from the concussion of the gun fire echoing in the living room, resulting in him barley hearing his own voice yelling at him to get up.

Though the click of his shot gun and the fifth and final person that broke into his house fell to the ground, forced him to finally listen to himself.

He staggered to his feet, the room spinning as went against his instincts. It was in this moment he realized the bodies of the dead people were not dead. Not only dead but dismembered from shotgun slugs. Yet, it didn't seem to matter as they continue to hunt John down.

He darted upstairs and went looking for ammunition. rummaging in the draws of his end table for an emergency reload. He only found two rounds. Swearing to his lack of preparation, he inserted the cartridges. John then moved across the hall to a second bedroom.

The room was obviously a children's bedroom at one point, as it still showed reminisce of sport paraphernalia and kids toys. He paused a brief moment with tears weeping down his cheek. He just realized how fucked up how his life had become. Wiping the sad moment away from his face he heard rustling coming from behinds him.

John turned quickly, trying to bring his shotgun when he tripped over his feet. Falling to the ground the shotgun went and blood spattered all over him, things went black.

21 April 2018


First it was Dick, but then more came. Like a steady stream from a creek so innocent and unnoticeable at first. Now a pool of these people stumbled at Johnathan's front porch, shaking his walls. Johnathan huddle away from the wall a shotgun in his lap, rocking. His breathing still remains out of control beside all of his attempts to calm himself failed, as the walls taunted him that his kingdom was threatened.

 "John you need to get up." Johnathan kept repeating between each breath. He hated being in this state of hyper-ventilation, it made him feel vulnerable. As decorated war vet who had been casted away by his government and the town, he had a hard time to letting his guard down.

"John get up!" John shuffled his feet back underneath him slowly pushing himself along the living room wall. Windows smashed and he fell back down to the floor. Johnathan uncontrol started weeping.

"Damn it John, you are going to die." He continued to rock as they people outside continued to come in.

05 April 2018


It was him. Johnathan could not believe that his neighbor was knocking at the front door. If he remembers correctly his name was Dick, how appropriate as Dick was a dick. Hence Dick yet, when Johnathan took a better look at Dick he noticed that there was something very wrong with him. 

Dick was not knocking but rather banging haphazardly, his finger tips worn raw to bloody tips. Then Johnathan realized that Dick had the same traits as the woman back at the site he had his panic attack. 

Johnathan turned away and slump to the floor. "What the fuck is going on?" he questioned as Dick continued to rapping against the door.

23 March 2018


Johnathan didn’t want to take a chance with whatever those things were. E covered his tracks the best he heading home. This was his home town and nothing was going to make him move. Not the bank or the cop and most certainly not world ending shit!

Snaking through buildings, crossing roof tops. A few of them he had taken the time to board up on the ground floor, for various reasons. When he got to his house he had made the second-floor window his main entrance just off the porch.

Inside his eyes adjusted to the darkness, revealing his old bathroom. Its fixtures still mounted but abandoned since running water dried up.

Being careful to not setting the floor trap he had set for unwelcome guests. Johnathan made his way down the hallway to the stairs. He had taken down the family pictures long ago, too much of a hurtful reminder.

Down to the kitchen. The main floor was dark with all the windows boarded up, with furniture reinforcing their integrity of any intruders. 

Never could to be too cautious.

Thud Thud followed by a hair twinging hiss made came from the front of the hose. Johnathan jump, turned wishing he had been more cautious.


26 October 2017


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The woman was sick, she had to be with clawing and biting at Johnathan against the side window. Her face imprinted into the window streaking blood and what seem to be rotting flesh. Johnathan inched over the passenger door watching the woman continue to feverishly attempt to get through the window, while he jarred the passenger door. With a thud, it opened partly but refused open completely as if it was stuck.

Johnathan turned to look...

It was a man or clearly was a man who's life expired from some a gun shot wound as he was missing half of his skull. He had stumbled up undetected and was after Johnathan's arm. Yet Johnathan in a furious panic kicked the door open to knock the gentleman to the ground.

Run you fool!

He thought to himself as he watched the man struggle to get up.

You got to move idiot!

He finally listened. Johnathan broke out into a run and didn't wait to see if they followed. Kilometers passed and he managed to get back into town, he was out breath. Who would have thought of running after the world comes to an end?

Not this guy.

08 October 2017


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Johnathan stormed out of the truck even if though the man would have died from the blazing fire, he still felt obligated to see if was okay after running him over. It seem to be the human thing to do, especially since this man was the only other person he had seen in over a year.

Yeah great job douche bag.

Stepping towards the front of the truck where the man laid, it was there Johnathan noticed the man was still moving. Out of reaction he removed his jacket to fan the flames out and then pulled at the man charred legs to free him from the undercarriage. Johnathan heard moans and instantly realized that pulling at a man's burnt legs was not the smartest thing to do.


Johnathan continued to haul the man of out under the truck, think that he already did the damage, it was then he realized that there was something wrong. 

The man sat up reaching for Johnathan with his flesh burnt arms. The grotesque face had no resemblance of a live human, but rather a rotting corpse.

"What the fuck!?" Johnathan yelled as he dropped the creature's legs in fear stumbling back. He lost his footing and fell but managed to scramble quickly back to his feet. In all the time the creature snapped it's jaw as it crawled toward him.

Johnathan ran to the truck and shut the door the creature was soon behind clawing at the window with charred stumps. It was then Johnathan put the truck in gear and sped off, leaving the creature fade off in the rear view mirror.

02 October 2017


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Johnathan shielded his eyes and face as the extreme heat from the propane tank was unbearable. Yet Johnathan was still in disbelief as he could see through his hands, as a figure moving out of the flames that no one should have survived. However, here he was witnessing a roman candle stumbling out of the flames.

Johnathan stood there in shock, as the figure sauntered towards with no sense of any panic even though its flesh bubbled and seem to fall off.

For some reason Johnathan had the sense of urgency to get back in the truck as the figure quicken his pace towards him. He started the engine and put into reverse when he noticed the truck hung up on the fence that was knocked down.

"Oh shit!" Johnathan cursed as the figure was approaching, its body beyond requisition of being human. He threw the truck into drive and tried to creep it forward to unlodge the truck. It jolted an gave some gas and the truck lodge forward knocking over the person in flames.

"Oh my God!" Johnathan yelled throwing the truck into parked to see if the person was alive. We he got out of the truck his world again changed.