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"Yeah 10-32!" Constable Smith huffed "We have got a positive ID on your guy sir; Constable Green is in pursuit." Constable Smith finished as he ran after his partner who was chasing the assailant down the alley. "Stop!" Constable Green shouted disappearing around the corner. That's when three-gun shots went off.

"Zack!" Constable cried out pulling out his sidearm and present at the high ready in the back alley. It was there he saw Constable Green laying on the ground, surrounded by blood.

"Ah shit Zack!" Constable Smith dropped to his knees and surveyed Zack's wounds. One entry wound in the leg and another round hit his chest rig. "Man down! I got a man down!" Constable Smith radioed as he applied pressure to Constable Green's leg wound. The blood still continued to pool around his hand quickly. Constable Green looked at his partner in terror.

"Its okay Zack, you're going to be fine." Constable Smith said as he fished for his belt off his pants to use as a tourniquet. "Steve look out!" But before Zack could get the warning out, there was a cold slice against his throat. Zack's eyes widen as he grasped for his throat. The blood poured out as his artery was severed. He collapsed on his back and he could see the assailant with a surgical knife staring at him.

He could hear him grin. " Your partner is not so lucky." then he knelt by Constable Green before all went dark. 

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