Death is not easy, but neither is life. Most tragedies bring the greatest lessons, as well as the hardest.

The superhero of every childhood dream stood on the edge of a high rise. He stood their in silence and reflected, after an epic battle, but instead of joy of victory. He hung his head low in loss.

He held her in his arms strong and protective. Yet, He could not protect her. Looking at her body laying limp in his arms. Her face grew into an eerie calmness, as if accepting her fate. Heaviness fell into tears weeping from his eyes. This superhero, with great power learnt a lesson that comes with great responsibility. But, never truly understood on how heavy those consequence were. Not till now.

Her last words will haunt him, they were so calm and sincere.
I love you, you are good never change that.

As she died he could not forgive himself, and the hero in him became lost leaving only anger.

He knelt and laid her body gently on the roof of the high rise. His hand caressed his cold face and simply uttered.

“I’m sorry.”



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