Dead End Re-Kindle

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Scott was out with his family doing the traditional Sunday grocery routine. His two kids Issa and Scarlet continued to run the aisles, as he pushed the cart. Following his wife Claire, while she checked label and prices.

He hated doing groceries but loved his wife and so he bared the chore following her without complaint. As she paused to look as spaghetti sauce, Scott quickly check his phone.

While scrolling through e-mails from work he heard sobbing behind him. Turning he saw his kids and a young girl how was crying quietly.

“Daddy, Julie is lost.” Issa started

“She’s lost her daddy” Scarlet finished.

Scott smiled as his kids were kind and always wanted to help others. He squatted down to Julie’s level. While Claire stood behind with the cart now.

“Are you ok?” Scott asked but Julie just stood there with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“Julie can you tell where you saw dad last?” Again, Julie did respond but just pointed sideways. “Its okay let’s go find your father.” But before Scott got up and cupped Julie’s hand to find her father, a man ran into the aisle yelling.

“Julie you shouldn’t run off like that!” The man huffed as he grabbed her arm from Scott.

“Julie is this your dad?” Scott asked looking at the man suspiciously as he was aggressive with her. Julie said nothing but nodded her head dropping her gaze to the floor.

“Julie is mute.” The man snapped keeping his grip tight on Julie. “I apologize for being short.” He paused looking at Julie. “Julie here has a habit of wondering off, I was bust picking out her birthday cake, so thank you for finding her.”

Scott braced his kids replying. “No issue, my kids found her crying and brought her to me. Sorry I didn’t catch your name?”

The man looked at Scott. “That’s because I didn’t give it to you.” Man replied looking at his phone. “Sorry but Julie an I have go. It was nice to meet you and your family, Scott.” The man disappears to next aisle over, where Scott looked at his kids and hugged them.

“I’m proud of you for helping Julie that’s…wait” Scott looked at Claire. “Claire how did he know my name?”



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