06 October 2017



"Sammy Jenkins and Lisa Hoffman" The detective announced to the Police Chief. "They have been reported missing."

"And now I assume  Jim, that this is their car coming up on the hook?" Scott replied watching the car creep a long the side bank, puffing on cigarette.

"Yes boss, their parents had phoned it around the 16th September as the kids where traveling across country in Sam's car. The parents got concerned when they haven't heard from them for almost two days." Jim sucked on the last bit of his cigarette before tossing the butt over the side of the road. "Supposedly these kids were advent vloggers,  some sort of video diary on the web."

"Kids these days having to record everything that they do, like who cares about their shit."

Jim looked at Scott seeing his disheartened feelings creep out.

"Hey boss, I'm sorry about..." Scott cut him off before Jim could finish. "Yeah I know." Scott tossed his cigarette when the car came to a stand still back on the side of the road.

"Let's see what we got."

As the two walked over to the car one of the paramedics yelled out.

"There is no one in there but look there is a phone."



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