10 October 2017


Cell Phone

Well Scott and his department had a jackpot of a first bit evidence in this case. Even though as annoying as these Millennials are with documenting every moment of their life, they had also documented their death and their killer. Sam was driving while Lisa was video recording their road trip.

The scene at first showed the ladies introducing themselves to the stranger, who introduced himself as Paul. From there Paul's mannerisms were polite adding thought to their conversation at first, though as they continued drive down the highway Paul began to change. The ladies were carrying on a conversation while Paul started to become fidgety, constantly looking at his phone.

Scott, a season veteran gasped at moments before in the video. He watched in horror when Sam in the video took notice of Paul's posture, she asked if he was alright. Paul simply said "Forgive me, but it has to be bloody" and he pulled a hunting knife from under his shirt. The phone that Lisa held fell to the Honda's floor after the blade met her throat, stream of red spurted and all you could hear the Sam's screams


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