26 October 2017


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The woman was sick, she had to be with clawing and biting at Johnathan against the side window. Her face imprinted into the window streaking blood and what seem to be rotting flesh. Johnathan inched over the passenger door watching the woman continue to feverishly attempt to get through the window, while he jarred the passenger door. With a thud, it opened partly but refused open completely as if it was stuck.

Johnathan turned to look...

It was a man or clearly was a man who's life expired from some a gun shot wound as he was missing half of his skull. He had stumbled up undetected and was after Johnathan's arm. Yet Johnathan in a furious panic kicked the door open to knock the gentleman to the ground.

Run you fool!

He thought to himself as he watched the man struggle to get up.

You got to move idiot!

He finally listened. Johnathan broke out into a run and didn't wait to see if they followed. Kilometers passed and he managed to get back into town, he was out breath. Who would have thought of running after the world comes to an end?

Not this guy.


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