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His anxiety throbbed out of his chest as if it a speeding locomotive about to derail, yelling every profanity word under the sun. Johnathan smashed his hand hysterically into the steering wheel, as he was mad at himself for being so stupid to getting himself into a reckless situation.

You're fucking better that John.

His breathing continued to be tight as he gasped for air. He pulled over on the edge of the road and place the truck into park, where it took the moment but Johnathan's emotion built up and tears wept rolling down his cheeks.

What the fuck is going on?

He continued to cry trying to calm down by rationalizing the events that happened at the gas station. The man or what ever it was seem to have disregard to the fire and me running him over. As if the virus was still affecting him somehow, what if others are affected?

He sat there in his Ford crying

Oh shit...



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