14 September 2017



The car drove up, like any typical car on these hot summer days. Carefree with a group inside, sharing a vacation moment. 

In this particular car two younger ladies got out and stretch, which seem to indicate they traveled a distance in their sub-compact car. They seem to continue a conversation about relationships, giggling away as they quickly walked across the parking lot. They were heading toward the information center. Most likely needing to use the facilities.

One was named Sam, she was pretty. He liked Sam.

He sat there watching intently at the two young ladies disappear into the building, under mirrored Oakley sunglasses. Once they disappeared from his gaze he turned his attention to their car. Red, Honda, typical.

BRKY 987

He memorized the license plate on their car, which was the only car in the parking lot. strangely enough considering, it was tourist season and usually this place was busy.

Perfect he thought...



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