24 September 2017



Candy could still hear Scott gasping for air when the stranger's hunting knife lodged into Scott's throat.  The sight of all that blood spurting and the panic on Scott's face.

When Scott was
unresponsive, the hooded man turned his attention towards Candy. That look that the man had. She would never forget that look, groomed and calm with not even an inclination of feeling. A manikin.

Candy shrieked in the memory finding herself face first in the ditch, her hands covered in blood. She looked at them in disbelief as she realized the sharp pain in her abdomen.

"Oh my God!" she panic as made it to feet, stumbling to the highway. She seen a set of headlights approaching and Candy managed to make the highway. 

"Help me!" Candy yelled at the headlights falling to her knees. " Help!" 

The car screeched to halt after Candy went under it wheels.


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