Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Poppies still grow, in Flanders Fields;
A crimson flow, in such great yield.

The flowers bleed along the silent rows;
For past youth, too young to know.

Warmth of love; and
the privilege of the old.

Learning to survive, with taunting horrors

Warding off their demons, feeling alone.

As comrades fade and pass away, 

 The weight of war seems to take its tow.

As those moments weigh heavily 

Eventually become too heavy to hold.

So, gather on this day, as a reunion of hope
Even though it's only a few, who truly know.

To the debt paid,

 by who we loved and still love.

As a Nation 
We wear the poppy

To b
lood spilt
On foreign lands, so far from home.

A soldier did not see conflict; but
Rather a call from a Nation.

Hoping to end all conflict; yet
Knowing that this is far from reality 

So, silent tears, under frail salutes 
To friends lost, Lest we forget.

Sunday, October 28, 2018


Watch the day fall
A call to the porcelain throne.

Your kingdom plummets
With the toilet paper down the drain
A strain that makes a constant call

To its Captain in distress 
Strapping him to a sinking ship

Days like this hit hard
But heroes rise from them
Bring songs of glory

Grasping to last breaths too hard
Strangle those doubtful thoughts
And bleed the day dry

I may fall with my ship.
Watching the toilet paper lead the way

But I will rise after
Washing my hands of this shit.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018



Trevor brushed Julie's beautiful long blonde hair, cautiously taking his time with long slow strokes, so as not to catch the brush in any knots. He did so while humming to her in her ear and then would place her hair in a perfect braid. After, he would dress her into a frilly little dress, calling her his princess as he kissed her. This was the routine each morning and she hated when he did that.

After his morning session with her, he would do his own daily routine to prepare for his day. As with her, he would be meticulous in how he presented himself. When he finished he instructed Julie of her day's chores and how he wanted things done. Trevor also reminded her that bad people were outside and we're always looking to take little girls like her, so she had to stay really quiet and avoid the window in order not to be seen. Julie looked down at the floor and answered with "Yes, Sir."

He pulls her chin up and told her to look at him when she answered, or you will be corrected. She nodded staring through him, as she was afraid of his bad temper.

He kisses her one more time and would leave locking the door. She watched him leave and did wonder where he went dressed in a suit and tie? Something to do you with helping other kids find new mommies and daddies.

Julie did not know why, but there was something that made her feel uneasy especially the way he held her. It was not a way dads held their daughters now many shows. She learnt a lot from TV.

The TV was her teacher of what life was like outside of these barred windows in the living room. It was her only friend and it told her that Trevor might be a bad man, but Julie was afraid of having to find another family. She did not want to be alone, so she wanted to please him so that she wouldn't be. Like Trevor said there were bad people outside.

Hours passed and Julie did what she was instructed to do and she did it without complaint. Vacuum, laundry and preparing for supper. She also picked out something out to wear that she knew would appeal to Trevor. Julie felt uncomfortable undressing in front of him, but he always was insertive in being present.

Though today she felt tired and crampy while washing the bathroom floor Julie. She clutched her stomach and quickly sat on the toilet as she thought she had to go to the bathroom. It was then she noticed the evidence of blood in the bowl of the toilet.

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Complicate the situation
Contradictory what was said
Things exploited when read
Here I am naked and
Left with no innocence
Awaiting my sentence
Counting the constant excuses
Thrown back in my face
Purgatory became my only friend
But I get it, you needed an easy out
Avoiding your insecurities and
Life's discrepancies
Then we get older
All out of order
To a point, we do not care
To what was said
Nor the words on the pages fed
The situation may be complicated
But so is life
Get over it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Lyric: from Alanis Morissette

...isn't it ironic
...don’t you think...?

That is a blink of one's eyes 
We start to cry?

An absence of something,
to nothing we have everything.

With lost comes gain, and sometimes
The most inconvenient time.

Accepting one's fate
becomes one's fate

...isn't it ironic
...don’t you think...?